Warps – What separates the Warp Phenomenon of Burlington Vortex from the standard Vortex or Paranormal Hotspot

by Mary Sutherland – author of Haunted Burlington Wisconsin

WARPS – The most logical explanation of the Haunted Woods in Burlington, Wisconsin  – Excerpt shared from book How to Hunt Ghosts

Source: How to Hunt Ghosts – A Practical Guide by Joshua Warren

Warps are:

  1. Areas where the conventional laws of physics can break down
  2. Places were linear time does not always apply
  3. Locations infested with entities, imprints, and a barrage of other paranormal activity
  4. Unpredictable areas that can twist perceptions beyond the understanding of logic 

Most traditional ghost investigators study only entities and imprints, which are the basis of 90 percent of location hauntings. However, we shall now delve into the fringes of paranormal research …the most complex of them all…Warps.

If a location is haunted by an entity, certain earmarks are exhibited. The activity will be spontaneous, erratic and interactive. If it’s an imprint, it will be nonconscious, predictable and oblivious. Sometimes, you might find both. But what if you find a place that includes not only both these types of activity, but even more?

Paranormal Investigator Joshua Warren and his team and investigated a property where an overwhelming number of paranormal occurrences had been reported. There were conscious entities who would physically assault the owners, leaving distinct bruises and cuts. Parts of the house, and vehicles on the property, would suddenly burst into flame without explanation. Often, visitors became sick or suffered from surprising attacks of aches and pains. A barrage of imprints pulsated around the grounds and the owners had captured thousands of anomalous images on video and in stills. There was even a time when someone in house turned to find herself staring into what appeared to be another dimension: a horrific and surreal place, with swirling clouds and disturbing activity. Then it vanished. Small objects, like silverware and ink pens, would transport themselves to other locations. All in all, any kind of ghostly manifestation was possible, sometimes occurring by way of extreme and negative synchronicity.

So far, the activity covered is caused primarily by extraordinary events that may have affected any location. However, it sometimes seems like the location ‘itself’ has something to do with the ghostly activity. The earth is not a perfect sphere. In fact it’s shaped sort of like a pear. Because of this, it wobbles on its path of orbit. Basically it’s far from a perfectly balanced body in space. The earth’s magnetic field corresponds with the planet’s physical form. Since the earth is not balanced, neither is its field. It therefore seems logical that some places on the planet are subjected to unusual geomagnetic activity, greater or lesser than the rest of the earth. This doesn’t even take into consideration the magnetic fields caused by physical stress on *fault lines. Different parts of the surface are also affected in unique way based upon their position in relation to the sun. The sun hurls massive bursts of radiation at the earth, and some places are more, or less, affected by that as well.

There are places on earth where the laws of physics seem to be distorted, and reality sometimes behaves in unfamiliar ways, creating ghostly effects. This type of location is what we call a WARP. These are rare, but once one is location, it usually becomes popular in a hurry. People are thrilled by the idea of going to a location where almost ‘anything’ can happen. One of the world’s most popular warps is the Bermuda Triangle.

Thinking of the Bermuda Triangle usually conjures up images of sinking ships and falling planes. Indeed, since 1900 more than 1000 people have disappeared over those water between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico. Even more compelling than the number of disappearances is the way they manifest. For example, consider the five navy planes that vanished at the same time on December 5, 1945. A may day was sent from the leader: “We can’t see see land…everything is wrong….strange. We can’t be sure of our position. We seem to be lost. Even the sea doesn’t look as it should.” Contact was then lost and a rescue plane was sent out immediately. It, too, promptly disappeared. No trace of the sic planes has been found to this day.

Pilots frequently report instrument interference in the area, like compasses spinning. In addition, mysterious streaks and balls of light are seen flitting about certain areas. The first person to record seeing these illuminations was Christopher Columbus in 1492. He wrote about them in his log. There is no shortage of ghostly tales in the area, including apparitions, imprints and ‘time slips’.

In the 1980s, Rick Stratton, a television crew technician in his twenties, and a friend rented a cottage deep in the New England countryside. The secluded house was built by Moravian settlers in the 1800s. He enjoyed living there for several weeks and experienced nothing out of the usual. One night, he walked in the kitchen to get a drink. When he stepped through the doorway, he was immediately shocked. The kitchen looked completely different. The entire room appeared ‘old-fashioned’. But strangest of all, a man sat at the table eating, and a woman stood over the sink. They were both dressed in antiquated garbs. The old man and woman looked at Rick and their eyes popped wide in surprise, as if they were seeing a ghost. Rick stared at them for a few seconds, each person speechless. Then they vanished, and the kitchen went back to normal.

This kind of experience isn’t a simple entity case. That’s because the entire room was different. It isn’t an imprint, since the man and woman were conscious of the observer and reacted to his presence. So, where that leave us?  This is the type of phenomenon we would call a ‘time slip’. This means that it seemed like two moments in time, one in the 1800s and one in the late 1900s, slipped and merged together for a brief period.  Such phenomenon can take place at a warp location. You can see why it’s still classified as ghostly- it demonstrates activity that allows us to observe some remnant of the pat, or a least think we might be.

Warps exemplify the most complicated issues facing science today. These are places where reality is not just affected by an anomaly, but that reality itself is behaving in an anomalous way. They can distort all our ideas about how reality functions. Up can become down, and inside can become outside. Time stops, reverses, plunges forward or has no sense of direction at all. You can hallucinate, or find that the environment around you has changed for an unmeasurable period. There can be an unbelievable amount of electromagnetic energy, or surprising no energy at all. Basically, warps are amorphous hot spots of ghostly phenomena and paranormal activity in general.

It is difficult to define warps, since the range of their manifestations can be completely foreign and unpredictable. They are sort of a paranormal catchall. For that reason, it’s easy for some to frown upon them. They are difficult to define. Warps are not active all the time, and the conditions necessary to trigger their activity is a mystery.

Warps are often filled with entities – sometimes hundreds or thousands of them. Possibly by distorting space/time, warps may create natural portals.  These are the ‘doorways’ through which an entity might be able to materialize, or gain some kind of physical access, more easily. Generally, these entities are also able to manufacture more strength due to the ‘thinned veil.’

It is rare to find a strong warp, but if you do, it can provide a lifetime of research material. Oftentimes, sacred locations are thought to be warps, especially those chosen by the ancient Celts and Egyptians. Some even believe pyramids were built to ‘create’ warps. The idea is that such structures, by name of their design, manipulate energies. You may have heard of ‘pyramid power’. Throughout history, various inventors and manufacturers have claimed you can sharpen a dull razor blade by placing it beneath a cardboard pyramid. Plants beneath the shape are said to grow fuller and stored meat decomposes more slowly. Hanging a cardboard pyramid over your bed is thought to incite vivid dreams.

Whatever the case, our planet is, in many ways, superior to our technology. Capacitors (devices to store, strengthen, and manipulate electoral charges) were not ‘invented’ until 1745 , when German scientist Ewald Georg von Kleist developed the earliest Leyden jar. However, for billions of years, the earth has been a natural capacitor. The ground is one electrode, the upper atmosphere another, and the space between is an insulator. Life on earth was solar powered long before Einstein’s explanation of the photoelectric effect. Again and again, we find ourselves mimicking nature, but patting ourselves on the back as if the concept were original to humans. On the other hand, there are still lots of amazing phenomenon produced by nature that man has never learned to duplicate for practical purposes.

You may have read about black holes. These are areas of mass so dense that not even light can escape. For years, black holes were considered imaginary but now main stream science is confident that they do exist. Famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawkins has written about what is now called Hawking Radiation. This is an emanation of energy that might indicate the presence of a black hole. It is based on the idea that some particles ‘can’ escape a black hole – those hurled back into space as the black hole slowly dissolves over time. Within a black hole is a point of ‘singularity’. This is the spot at which the known laws of science break down and do not apply.

It is possible that, sometimes, ‘some kind of limited, singularity-type phenomenon ‘might exist at ‘some’ places on earth. Usually, ghostly activity concerns an aspect f the past that still plays a paranormal role in the future. A warp is a place that can essentially blur the distinctions of past, present and future. When you find one, be prepared for anything.

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