Ankh: The Libation Dish

Life to thy spirit

Seven Scorpions

This year I will be doing The Pagan Blog Project. To kick it off I will start with an essay I wrote in college for one of my ‘Art of the Ancient Near East and Egypt’ Classes.

Background info: This dish sits at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and I decided it would be good for A as one of the components is an Ankh.



At the Metropolitan Museum of Art is an Object called “The Libation Dish”. This beautiful work of art was used in Ancient Egypt during the first dynasty, in the year 2960 BCE. The dish is comprised in a set of two objects, one is the fan-like shape of a palm leaf, and the other is an ankh shaped bowl in which water is filled for the libation of the user. The arms folding down to form the box on the right say “Ka”, or “spirit”…

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